Construction Updates - Radium Hot Springs

Project updates will be posted here every two weeks. Check back for photos and information. 

Project Background

While preparing for a future phase of renovation, a structural engineer identified a safety concern in the wet hall subfloor. To ensure the safety of staff and visitors, Parks Canada closed the pools to the public on January 11th.


Radium Hot Springs pools remained closed into the spring of 2020 to allow for the subfloor to be replaced. Radium Hot Springs reopened on September 18. 

Latest News 


July 31, 2020

The main construction to replace the sub floor in Radium Hot Springs are now complete. Contractors were able to continue work throughout the ongoing closure, and were able to complete the replacement of the wet hall sub floor and complete renovations in the change rooms. Smaller outstanding projects continues to be completed throughout the ongoing closure.

Once it is possible for Parks Canada to reopen  Radium Hot Springs in a manner that is safe, ensures appropriate physical distancing can take place and provides a high quality visitor experience, we will be pleased to welcome visitors back to the facility.

Frequently asked questions

What will happen with my annual pass?

Current annual pass holders can bring their passes to the reception desk at Radium Hot Springs when we reopen. Our staff will be happy to extend your pass for the length of time that we were closed. Check back here for an updated estimated date of reopening.

Why is there no temporary access to the hot springs?

Parks Canada investigated all options to provide temporary access to the hot springs while the subfloor is replaced.

Unfortunately, there were no feasible options available due to the location of the subfloor. The next phase of construction will require Parks Canada to disconnect the pipes connecting the hot and cool pools to the filtration and water systems, and does not allow Parks Canada staff safe access to the mechnical systems necessary to manage the facility.

When will Parks Canada announce a reopening date?

Demolition is progressing as quickly as possible, but will take time.

Once the subfloor has been completely removed, Parks Canada will be in a better position to estimate project timelines and identify an estimated date of reopening. Please keep checking our website for updates and information