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Accessibility at Radium Hot Springs

Accessible Parking

Accessible parking is available in the small parking lot on the eastbound side of Hwy 93 S.

There are four (4) spots, each measuring 3607 mm wide.

The parking lot has an entrance and exit at either end to help manage traffic flow.  

two of the accessible parking stalls at in the small parking lot at Radium Hot Springs. Stalls are denoted by signs.

Automatic Entry and Exit Doors

Automatic doors with push buttons allow easy entry and exit of the facility from the entry level. Both of the doors are equipped with upper and lower push buttons.


The doors are 815 mm wide.

Entry-level doors at Radium Hot Springs with push buttons to open.


An elevator provides easy access to the pool level. The outside elevator button is 1067 mm high. Button heights inside the elevator range from 1168 mm to 1448 mm.

Elevator at Radium Hot Springs with space to fit a wheelchair.

Accessible Change rooms

Turn left immediately after exiting the elevator. There are two (2) accessible change rooms each with a with shower, chair, bench and emergency button. ​


The width into the accessible change rooms is 813 mm wide. The shower controls are 914 mm high. A soap dispenser is located nearby at a height of 927 mm. The showerhead is adjustable, and the handrail is 813 mm high.

Bench, chair and emergency pull cord in one of the accessible change rooms at Radium Hot Springs.

Pool Access

From the wet hallway, the door to the hot pool is 660 mm wide. A 813 mm ramp provides entry into the hot pool, and includes handrails that are 813 mm high.


The door to the cool pool is 838 mm wide. A lift system is available to enter and exit the cool pool. Please ask a staff member for assistance to set-up the lift system. The lift system is not in place permanently, as prolonged exposure to water will damage the equipment.


Please note that none of the doors on the pool level have automatic buttons.

Ramp with hand rails leading into the hot pool.

Ramp Access Into Facility

From the small parking lot, a ramp provides access to the facility.


The ramp is 2007 mm wide and has 889 mm tall handrails on either side.


The ramp has seams of 25 mm between the concrete slabs to allow the concrete room to expand and contract.

The facility can also be accessed by a second ramp from the drop off area* in front of the facility on the eastbound side of Hwy 93.


*Note there is a 153 mm curb between the drop off area and the ramp.

Ramp with hand rails leading from the small parking lot to the facility.


The lobby floor is smooth with minimal height differences between thresholds.

The reception counter is 940 mm tall.

Lobby at Radium Hot Springs with smooth flooring and winter rugs.

Accessible Washrooms

There is one (1) accessible washroom available to patrons on the pool level of the building. When exiting the elevator, the accessible washroom is the second door on your left.

The washroom is equipped with a toilet with grab bars, sink and emergency call button. The washroom is 1638 mm wide by 2946 mm long. Counter top height is 867 mm tall.

Toilet and pull cord in the accessible washroom at Radium Hot Springs.

Submersible Wheelchairs

Radium Hot Springs has two (2) submersible wheelchairs available for patrons use. Wheelchairs can be requested at the front desk upon arrival.

There are two (2) sizes available. Please ask staff member if you require assistance.

Two submersible wheelchairs at Radium Hot Springs.
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