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Upcoming fee changes

Effective January 3, 2023, Parks Canada will adjust entry fees at Radium, Miette, and Banff Upper Hot Springs to better recover operating, repair and maintenance costs and align with the 2017 Service Fees Act.

Entry fees to the hot springs were frozen from 2004 to 2020 and have not increased substantially in 18 years. During this time, operating costs have increased significantly, and the current fees considerably undercut those charged at privately operated hot springs.

This fee adjustment brings prices for soaking in Canada’s historic hot springs back in line with market rates and is comparable to the cost of a movie ticket.

Parks Canada’s fees never exceed the cost of delivering services and are used directly to provide visitors with high quality experiences.

The Service Fees Act requires federal agencies to update fees and improve cost recovery, particularly related to fees for private benefit.

Revenue from the fees collected at Radium, Miette and Banff Upper Hot Springs are used to cover the operating, maintenance and capital repair costs required to ensure the long-term operation of the hot springs for current and future generations to enjoy.

Several discounted multi-entry products, including some new products, will be available for frequent visitors to the Canadian Rockies Hot Springs

About consultations:

Parks Canada began implementing the Service Fees Act in February 2019 with national public consultations on fees for private benefit services, including soaking in the hot springs.

All Canadians were invited to participate in the consultation and most respondents were members of the public. Parks Canada also heard from local businesses, tourism industry stakeholders, community representatives and Indigenous groups.

Most respondents supported improved cost recovery for services with a high degree of individual benefit.

Visit Fees at Parks Canada to learn more about fees charged by the Parks Canada Agency.

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