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Miette Hot Springs is closed for 2021

Miette Hot Springs will remain closed for the 2021 operational season due to a national shortage of qualified lifeguards.

Seasonal staff are the backbone of the operation and are critical to ensuring the health and safety of our guests. Like many other tourism businesses, Parks Canada has struggled to recruit the necessary staff required to safely open.

Public health measures established to limit the spread of COVID-19 cancelled lifeguarding, first aid and CPR certification courses over the past 18 months and have created a shortage of qualified prospective lifeguards. While courses are gradually restarting, uncertainty about reopening and future closures should a fourth wave of infections occur caused many potential employees to move to other industries that provide more employment certainty or were able to offer employment sooner.

Miette Hot Springs is located one hour from the nearest health centre and has no cell service. Lifeguards have advanced first aid and lifesaving certifications and are required on site to ensure the health and safety of visitors when an emergency occurs.

The hot springs typically operate seasonally from early-May until mid-October. Hours of operation for the 2022 season will be published on our website by late April 2022.

To apply to work at Miette Hot Springs in 2022, please visit jobs.gc.ca in the fall of 2021 for job postings. Interviews will begin as early as late-December 2021 for the 2022 season.

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