Miette Hot Springs

Miette Hot Springs, located in Alberta’s Jasper National Park, features the hottest mineral springs in the Canadian Rockies. Water flows from the mountain at 54°C (129°F) and cooled to a comfortable 40°C (104°F).  Among one of Jasper’s top ten attractions, Miette Hot Springs is a perfect destination for a day of sightseeing, wildlife watching, hiking and relaxing.


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Miette Water

Spring Water Conditions


Water temperature is kept between 37ºC and 40ºC or 98ºF and 104ºF. The top five minerals found in the Miette Hot Springs are:


  • Sulfate

  • Calcium

  • Bicarbonate

  • Magnesium

  • Sodium 


What makes hot springs water unique?


Like gourmet blends of coffee, a hot spring’s water features a signature mix. Each Rocky Mountain Hot Spring has its own unique blend of minerals, gases and temperature.


Miette’s three spring outlets gush at 650 litres per minute and feature high concentrations of minerals.