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Accessible Parking

Accessible parking is available in the small parking lot behind the Miette Hot Springs building.


From the main parking lot turn left and follow the road up to a traffic circle near Miette’s main entrance. The accessible parking lot is the only exit before you see the unloading zone.


There are four (4) spots measuring 3860 mm by 5080 mm.

Four accessible parking stalls beside the Miette Hot Springs building.

Accessible Changerooms

There is one larger “accessible” stall in each of the men and women’s change room with a chair. No emergency pull cord.

There is also one large wheelchair accessible washroom stall in each change room.


A hallway runs the length of each change room from the lobby to the pool deck and has a high hand rail on one side.

Patrons can request to use the guard room for more space or for non-gender specific changing.

Baby change tables are available in both the men’s and females change rooms in a private stall.

Accessible change stall with bench and handrail at Miette Hot Springs

Submersible Wheelchair

Miette Hot Springs has one (1) submersible wheelchair available for patron use. Wheelchair can be requested at the front desk upon arrival

Please ask staff member if you require assistance.

One submersible wheelchair at Miette Hot Springs available for patron use based on availability.

Ramp Access into Facility

There is a gently sloped sidewalk leading into the building from the front of the facility beside the accessible parking spots.

Gently sloped sidewalk from the parking lot leading into the Miette Hot Springs building.


Lockers are available for patrons to store their belongings. Lockers reach a height of 1905 mm.

Locker rooms with hand rails in the Miette Hot Springs building.

Pool Access

There is slopped ramp leading into the hot pool nearest the building. The ramp has a gradual incline, and is submersible wheelchair accessible.


Only one of the four pools at Miette Hot Springs are wheelchair accessible.


The cool pool and the second hot pool (furthest from the change rooms) do not have a lift or ramp and are not wheelchair accessible.

Gently sloped ramp leading into the hot pool at Miette Hot Springs

Accessibility at Miette Hot Springs

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