Frequently Asked Questions...



Is the facility wheelchair accessible?


Yes, Banff Upper Hot Springs and Miette Hot Springs are wheelchair accessible. There are some submersible wheelchairs available upon request. Please ask staff for assistance.

There is currently no disabled access at Radium Hot Springs. The pedestrian access ramp, stairs and small parking lot at Radium Hot Springs are currently closed due to concerns over the structural integrity of the pedestrian access ramp.


Is there a minimum age requirement to soak in the Hot springs? Can babies go in the water?


There is no specific age limit to visit the Hot Springs. However, babies and small children may over heat quicker than adults so parents must monitor the child and provide some cooling off breaks. It is not recommended for anyone to stay fully immersed for more than 20 minutes at any given time. If you have any medical concerns, we suggest you consult with your doctor prior. 


Is this a safe experience for women who are pregnant? 


Pregnant women should consult their doctor before soaking in the Hot Springs.


Do you have accommodations available at your facilities?


Parks Canada operates the hot springs as day use attractions. There are commercial accommodations available near each facility.

For more information on accommodations please visit the following websites:





What is the policy for appropriate swim wear for the Hot Springs?


The hot springs are a family-friendly facility.  Please wear modest swim wear.  Thong or G-string bikini bottoms are not appropriate swimwear.  For a small fee one may rent a swim suit at the pool. These are laundered to hospital standards. For hygiene purposes, street clothes are not allowed to be worn into the pool.



Where may I purchase a heritage suit similar to the rental suits at the Hot Springs?


The Heritage swim suits are available at the gift shop located at the Banff Upper Hot Springs.


Do I have to make reservations to visit the Hot Springs?


No. Visitors are welcomed on a "first come, first served" basis


What is the difference between a day pass and a soak fee?


Radium and Miette Hot Springs offer both day passes and soak fees. A day pass allows you to come and go from the facility throughout the day. A soak fee allows one entry only. 


Can we bring food/beverages onto the pool deck?


You may bring an unbreakable beverage bottle on any of the pool decks. No alcohol is permitted. There are designated picnic areas at each facility where you may consume food. Please ask the staff for directions.


Must visitors pay the park user fee at the gate to visit the Hot Springs?


Yes you must pay the park user fee to visit Miette and Banff Upper Hot Springs. At Radium Hot Springs, your park user fee is included in your pool admission fee. However, this applies only to visits to the pool. Should you wish to stop in other parts of Kootenay National Park, you must purchase a park user permit. 


Why do I have to pay to use the hot springs in 2017? I have my discovery pass and the news said all parks are free this year.  


The 2017 Discovery Pass provides you with free admission to all national parks, historic sites, and marine conservation sites operated by Parks Canada from January 1st 2017 until December 31, 2017.


Regular fees for additional activities and services, such as camping, guided hikes, reservations, firewood and soaking in the hot springs still apply. While travellers have visited Miette, Radium and Banff Upper Hot Springs for over a century to, “take the waters,” none of these locations have been designated as national historic sites.