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Elevator to easily access all levels of the facility. Has space for a wheelchair and a few occupants.


Accessible Changerooms

Two accessible changerooms with showers,  sinks, chairs, and emergency buttons.

Easy access to the pool deck.


Accessible Parking

xxx spots appropriate for a van with a ramp, and xxx spots appropriate for a standard vehicle.

Pull in space for easy entry/exit. 


Automatic Doors

Automatic doors with push buttons to easily enter and exit the facility.

Both sets of doors have accessible buttons


Ramp Access Into Facility

Ramp access from the parking lot to enter the facility.


Submersible Wheelchairs

Submersible wheelchairs available for patrons.

xx sizes available. Please ask a staff member if you require assistance. 

Woman in Wheelchair at Beach

Pool Access

Ramp and lift system to enter the pool with a submersible wheelchair.

Please ask a staff member if your require assistance.

Pool Tiles

Accessibility at Radium Hot Springs