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Radium Hot Springs is open daily

Banff Upper Hot Springs is open five days per week

Miette Hot Springs is closed for the 2021 operating season due to a shortage of lifeguards
The Canadian Rockies Hot Springs operates on a first come first served basis. Reservations are not available.

Hours and Rates

Banff Upper Hot Springs

Radium Hot Springs 

Miette Hot Springs

Group Discount

Groups of 10 people or more, paid for in a single transaction will receive a 10% discount at the reception desk.

Pool Rentals

Pool rentals are currently unavailable. 

For questions about changes to the Canadian Rockies Hot Springs' operation due to Covid-19, facility accessibility, and information regarding using the hot springs while pregnant or visiting with young children, see our FAQ

For other inquiries, please fill out the form below and we will contact you within 3-5 business days. 


Frequently Asked Questions


Are the Canadian Rockies Hot Springs wheelchair accessible?

Yes, Radium, Miette and Banff Upper Hot Springs are wheelchair accessible.

Accessible parking, drop off areas, change rooms and washrooms are available at each site. Submersible wheelchairs may be borrowed at the reception desk (based on availability).

Please select the site you plan to visit for more information:

Banff Upper Hot Springs

Miette Hot Springs

Radium Hot Springs

Are caregivers required to pay for entry when accompanying an individual with a disability?

One caregiver may enter the hot springs free of charge when accompanying a paying individual with a disability who requires assistance using the hot springs. Swimsuit and towel rental fees will still apply to the caregiver if these are required.

If the caregiver and individual who requires assistance are travelling as part of a group, regular entry fees will apply to all other group members.

Are service dogs and emotional support animals permitted in the hot springs?

Certified service dogs are permitted throughout the Miette, Radium and Banff Upper Hot Springs including in the lobbies, change rooms, cafés, spa, washrooms and on the pool decks while on duty.

Per the BC Public Health Act – Pool Regulations and Alberta Public Swimming Pool Regulations, service dogs are not permitted in the water.

All service dogs must be certified per the B.C. Guide Dog and Service Dog Act or Alberta Service Dogs Act. Staff may request the individual’s B.C. Guide Dog and Service Dog certificate or Alberta Service Dog Identification card.

Out-of-province and International visitors are encouraged to visit the Government of British Columbia or Government of Alberta websites for information on certifying your service dog prior to travelling.

Emotional support dogs and other animals not covered under either the BC Guide Dog and Service Dog Act or Alberta Service Dogs Act are not permitted in the Canadian Rockies Hot Springs' facilities.

Are submersible wheelchairs available for use at the Canadian Rockies Hot Springs?

Yes. Please ask cashiers for assistance at the reception desk. Submersible wheelchairs can be borrowed from the reception desk (based on availability).

Medical Conditions

Is this a safe experience for women who are pregnant?

Water at Miette, Radium and Banff Upper Hot Springs is kept between 37° C and 40 °C. Pregnant women should consult their doctor prior to visiting.

Can individuals with health conditions soak in the hot springs?

People with diarrhea, open wounds or who are feeling ill are not permitted in the hot springs.

Individuals with heart conditions, diabetes or other chronic health concerns or conditions should consult their doctor prior to visiting.

Can adults with disabilities go in the hot springs?

Yes, everyone is welcome at the Canadian Rockies Hot Springs facilities regardless of race, gender, orientation or ability. Adults with chronic health conditions such as diabetes or heart conditions should consult their doctor prior to visiting. Adults who are incontinent must wear a swim diaper while in the pools.

Trip Planning Information

Do I have to make reservations to visit the hot springs?

No. Visitors are welcome to soak in Radium, Miette and Banff Upper Hot Springs on a first come, first served basis. Reservations are not available during regular business hours.

Do you have accommodations available at your facilities?

Parks Canada operates the Canadian Rockies Hot Springs as day-use attractions. Commercial accommodations, including hotels, campgrounds, and motels are available near each facility.

For more information about accommodations please visit:

Banff: Jasper: Radium:

Am I required to wear a swimsuit in the hot springs?

Parks Canada is committed to providing an aquatic environment where individuals from all ethnic and religious backgrounds are welcome. Rental swimsuits, laundered to hospital standards, are available for a small fee at each facility. In addition to traditional North American swimwear, patrons may wear:

  • Long-sleeved shirt and pants
  • T-shirt and shorts
  • Any other swimwear that allows them to feel confident and comfortable, whether for cultural, religious, or medical/health reasons or personal preference.

To ensure our aquatic environments are safe and free from any external contaminants, swimwear and clothing worn in the water must:

  • Be different from the clothing the patron arrived in
  • Be freshly laundered
  • Not impair the bather’s safety or ability to swim, put their health at risk, or impair the lifeguard’s ability to perform a rescue in the event of an emergency.

Are lifejackets available at the hot springs?

Youth lifejackets are available for rent at Radium, Miette and Banff Upper Hot Springs.

Is there a cafe or gift shop at the hot springs?

Miette, Radium and Banff Upper Hot Springs each offer a number of services and facilities for visitors. For information about change rooms, food services, spa services, transportation, and nearby activities please visit:

Can you accommodate large groups at Radium Hot Springs?

A group discount is available for groups of 10 or more paying in a single transaction.

Reservations and pre-bookings are not available. If the facility is at capacity, the group may need to wait or break into smaller groups before entering.

About Your Visit

Where can I store my belongings while enjoying the hot springs?

One-time use lockers are available in all change rooms at Radium, Miette and Banff Upper Hot Springs. Unbreakable drink containers containing water and personal items such as cameras, sunglasses and towels are permitted on deck.

Street shoes, street clothes, winter coats, other belongings and bags must be stored in a locker.

How long can I stay in the hot springs?

Admission to the Canadian Rockies Hot Springs’ facilities is charged based on a per-entry fee. Within regular business hours, there is no maximum time limit per visit, however we recommend limiting your visit to one to two hours.

Is partying allowed in the hot springs?

People visit the hot springs for peace and quiet and to relax.

Jumping, diving, running, portable music players and screaming are not permitted. Individuals who ignore warnings from lifeguards, or who choose to behave in an unsafe or inappropriate manner will be asked to leave.

Unaccompanied youth behaving in an unsafe or inappropriate manner will be asked to sit in the facility’s lobby until their parents can pick them up.

Is smoking or alcohol allowed in the pool?

The Canadian Rockies Hot Springs are smoke-free facilities. Smoking and vaping of Tobacco or Cannabis are not permitted at the hot springs facilities, including in the pools, or on the pool decks, access walkways and outdoor terraces.

Alcohol and drugs, including those in edible treats, are not permitted at the hot springs facilities, including in the pools or on the pool decks and outdoor terraces.

For the safety of visitors and staff, individuals who appear to be intoxicated will not be permitted to enter the hot springs. Visitors who show signs of impairment once in the pools will be asked to leave.

For more information about the consumption of Cannabis in Canada’s national parks, and areas where Cannabis consumption is prohibited, please visit:

Can food or beverages be brought on the pool deck?

Water is permitted on the pool deck in an unbreakable bottle. Alcohol, juice and soft drinks are not permitted.

Cafe facilities are available at Miette and Banff Upper Hot Springs. Food purchased at the cafes must be consumed on the cafe decks or the designated picnic areas. Please ask staff for directions to these areas if required.


How much does it cost to rent a locker?

One-time use lockers are available in the change rooms at Miette, Radium and Banff Upper Hot Springs. A locker token, valued at $1, will be provided at the reception desk with each adult and senior paid entry. Two locker tokens will be provided with each family entry.

Locker tokens are one-time use only. Patrons should place all belongings that they wish to secure in their locker prior to locking it.

Annual pass holders and book of 10 ticket holders (purchased prior to March 26, 2018), or anyone requiring additional access to their locker, may purchase additional tokens at the reception desk for $1 each.

Why do I have to pay for youth to use the hot springs?

Youth entry to all national parks, national historic sites and national marine conservation areas operated by Parks Canada is free.

Regular fees for additional activities and services such as guided hikes and soaking in the hot springs still apply.

Age Requirements

Can babies and toddlers go in the water?

Babies and toddlers are allowed in the hot springs. Children aged 3 and under and those who are incontinent are required to wear swim diapers while in the pools. Children’s swim diapers are available for purchase at Radium, Miette and Banff Upper Hot Springs.

Can children visit the hot springs without an adult?

Youth ages 8-17 are welcome to visit Radium and Miette Hot Springs without an adult.

Youth ages 7 and under must be accompanied by a person aged 12 or older.

Youth ages 14-17 are welcome to visit Banff Upper Hot Springs without an adult. Youth ages 13 and under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian aged 18 year or older.

Are children required to complete a swim test to use the hot springs?

Non-swimmers and children aged five and under must be kept within an arm’s reach of their parent or guardian at all times.

Youth aged 8 and older who wish to use the deep end of the cool pool at Radium Hot Springs without their parent or guardian present must complete a swim test consisting of:

  • Swim the width of the pool without stopping or resting, using any style of stroke
  • Jump (feet first) into deep water, and
  • Recover and tread water for 30 seconds, keeping their mouth and nose above water at all times


Where may I purchase a heritage suit similar to the rental suits at the hot springs?

Heritage swim suits are available for purchase at the Banff Upper Hot Springs gift shop.

Are gift certificates available?

Gift certificates for Radium, Miette and Banff Upper Hot Springs are available and can be purchased at each facility’s reception desk.


Are the hot springs open?

Radium Hot Springs is open.

Miette and Banff Upper Hot Springs remain closed.

Please familiarize yourself with current public health measures before visiting.

When planning your trip, please be aware of the following:

  • Entry is first come, first served. Reservations are not available.
  • Please limit your visit to 1-2 hours.
  • Expect lengthy waits outdoors with limited access to shelter or shade during peak times.
  • Dress appropriately for the weather and bring a water bottle for each member of your group.
  • Masks are recommended in public indoor spaces throughout BC for those who are not yet fully vaccinated.
  • Mask are not effective when wet and are not recommended when in the water.
  • Rental swimsuits and towels are available. Towels may also be purchased.
  • The slides and diving board are open.
  • Food may be consumed at the picnic area on the upper deck before or after your soak.
  • Picnic tables on the hot pool deck are available for those wishing to cool off. Poolside lounge chairs are not available.

Please remember:

  • Personal chairs, coolers and bulky items are not permitted on the pool decks or in the hot springs’ building.
  • Alcohol and intoxicating substances are not permitted on the premises, including in the lineup.
  • Food and picnicking is not permitted in the hot springs building, pools or on the pool decks.
  • Stay home if you feel ill

Parks Canada reminds all visitors to plan ahead. Every visit should start with a trip to Parks Canada's COVID-19 and your visit to Kootenay National Park webpage. Here you can find up to date information on what is open, what is closed and how to visit the park safely. When visiting national parks, only visit areas that are open, always adhere to the guidance of public health authorities, and be respectful of other visitors.

Can I enter a Canadian Rockies Hot Springs facility without a mask?

Wearing a mask is recommended while enjoying indoor public spaces in British Columbia until you are fully vaccinated.

British Columbia’s provincial health guidelines recommend wearing a mask while entering and exiting the facility, including in the lobby, dry hall and change rooms.

Masks are not effective when wet. Wearing a mask in the showers, wet hall and pools are not recommended.

What rules or procedures are in place to continue preventing the spread of COVID-19?

Parks Canada has always followed public health orders and guidance from local health authorities to keep our staff and guests safe.

Thorough cleaning procedures, include:

  • Testing, chlorinating and constantly refreshing the hot springs water in the pools,
  • Cleaning the lobby, washrooms and change rooms regularly throughout the day, and;
  • deep cleaning the facility daily.

Other safety measures in place include:

  • Capacity is limited to 200 people to ensure appropriate lifeguard to patron ratios are maintained.
  • Plexiglas barriers, entry and exit doors and hand sanitization stations remain in place.
  • Rescue and first aid protocols align with national lifeguarding, first aid and CPR standards, and COVID-19 prevention guidance.
  • Staff wear appropriate personal protective equipment for each task they perform.

Visitors are reminded to shower with soap and water before entering the hot springs and that swimwear and towels should be freshly laundered before you arrive.

Anyone who is feeling ill, or who has been in contact within someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 14 days is reminded to stay home.

Can I reserve a time to visit, book a time slot, or purchase tickets in advance?

No, the Canadian Rockies Hot Springs operate on a first come, first served basis. Reservations are not available.

Will I have to wait before entering the hot springs? What is the least busy time or day to visit?

Entry is first come, first served. It is difficult to predict when a queue will form.

Once the hot springs reaches capacity the door will be locked and patrons will have to wait outside before entering.

Weekends, statutory holidays and school holidays are typically the busiest times to visit the hot springs. Recent wait times have ranged from 20 minutes to two hours.

Why are Miette and Banff Upper Hot Springs closed?

The Canadian Rockies Hot Springs closed its operations in March 2020 as part of a nation-wide effort to limit the spread of COVID-19. Parks Canada is working on reopening plans for Banff Upper Hot Springs. Miette Hot Springs will remain closed due to a national shortage of lifeguards.

Spa and Wellness

Can I book a massage or spa treatment?

Pleiades Spa and Wellness, previously located on the pool level of the Radium Hot Springs Aquacourt, has permanently closed. Massage, steam room and spa treatments are currently not available at Radium Hot Springs.

For more information about spas and wellness centres in the Village of Radium Hot Springs, please click here.

Health and Safety

Can you over heat while soaking in the hot springs?

Water in the hot springs is kept between 37° C and 40 °C. To avoid dehydration and overheating, we recommend all bathers take breaks to cool off every 20 minutes and drink water while soaking.

Is the hot springs water chlorinated?

Public health regulations require that the mineral water at Radium, Miette and Banff Upper Hot Springs is chlorinated, tested hourly and constantly refreshed to ensure the highest standards of quality and cleanliness. This proper operation, maintenance, and disinfection with chlorine should deactivate the virus that causes COVID-19.

There is no evidence that COVID-19 can be spread through chlorinated pool water.

How often are the change rooms cleaned?

Staff regularly check and clean the change rooms throughout the day. High touch surfaces are regularly sanitized and the change rooms, wet halls, dry halls and lobby areas are deep cleaned each evening after the facility closes to the public.

Contact the Canadian Rockies Hot Springs

Banff Upper Hot Springs

Toll-free: 1-800-767-1611


Radium Hot Springs

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Miette Hot Springs

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