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Accessible Parking

Three (3) accessible parking spots beside the facility to aide with easy entry/exit for customers. Parking spots at the front of the facility measure 6960 mm in length, and 4293 mm in width.

Three accessible parking stalls denoted by blue curbs, signs and handicapped symbol.

Ground Floor Washrooms

Two (2) accessible washrooms are available on the ground floor of the facility across from the gift shop. The sink is 876 mm high, and the washroom has an emergency pull cord.

Doors leading to two accessible washrooms on the main floor of Banff Upper Hot Springs.


The lobby floor is smooth with minimal height differences between thresholds.


Ramp access available to enter change rooms and dry hallway. Door is 889 mm wide.

The reception counter is 940 mm tall.

Lobby at Banff Upper Hot Springs.

Pool Access

The hall is 1067 mm wide and has 940 mm high hand rails on both sides.

Ramped hallway leading into pool with hand rails on either side of the hall and a door to the outdoor pool at the end. Water starts part way up the ramp.

Automatic Doors

Front doors on the entry level of the facility are equipped with push buttons for opening and are 1626 mm wide when both are open.

The front doors of Banff Upper Hot Springs with push buttons to open for entry and exit.


An elevator to provide easy access to all three levels of the facility. The outside elevator button is 1346 mm. Button heights inside the elevator range from 1245 mm to 1575 mm.

The elevator at Banff Upper Hot Springs with space to fit a wheelchair and a pictograph directory sign.

Accessible Change rooms

Two accessible change rooms with showers, sinks, chairs, and emergency pull cord. Shower handle is 940 mm off the ground. Sink is 864 mm tall and features a mirror.

Accessible change rooms at Banff Upper Hot Springs featuring a sink, toilet, shower, chair, and emergency pull cord.

Submersible Wheelchairs

A submersible wheelchair is available for patrons to use. Wheelchair can be requested at the front desk upon arrival.

One (1) size available. Please ask a staff member if you require assistance.

Single submersible wheelchair at Banff Upper Hot Springs.

Accessibility at Banff Upper Hot Springs

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